👀6 BIGGEST Skincare Trends of 2021!!

Looking forward to what the new year will bring us?! We sure doooo! When it comes to skincare, self-care, and lifestyle trends for 2021, we gotchu! 🙌 We’re here to talk about six skincare trends that we found and think will grow BIG this year, and you’ll be surprised to find out what’s currently buzzing! 😍 We’re talking about maskne, but also interesting trends like skin-minimalism and even sleepcare! Keep on the lookout for this insightful video coming your way tomorrow! 😘

1) Maskne, or mask acne, involves acne breakouts from wearing a face mask which can often be caused by chafing and irritation, causing pimple-like bumps and other sources of skin irritation. 2) What about an AI determining the best products for you?? Well hyper-personalized treatments continue to be on the rise, and we share our thoughts about that, 3) Skinimilism is also another term we’ve been hearing more about, which has everything to do with understanding your skin to help determine which products you really need in your routine, when to use specific products, 4) Next is clean beauty, and thank goodness it’s taking on a new definition because we’ve realized over the last 1-2 years that the term doesn’t really mean much 🤓 5) Sleep-care is totally something we can stand behind, anything that involves more zzz’s and involves relaxation from the inside out, the better! 6) Hair will continue to be an ever-growing topic of interest, as our hair continues to fall out due to lifestyle choices, including diet, mood and hormones. All this and more in the video!! Let us know your thoughts on what’s to come this 2021! 💕

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0:00 Intro
2:05 Trend #1: Maskne Skincare Treatments
10:05 Trend #2: Hyperpersonalized Skincare
14:02 Trend #3: Skin Minimalism / Skin Essentialism
16:03 Trend #4: Slow Beauty as the new “Clean Beauty”
19:44 Trend #5: Sleep-care as Self-Care
24:23 Trend #6: Haircare as Self-Care
29:42 Closing Remarks from Felili & Rowewe


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