4 Ways to Make Coffee For a Flatter Stomach | Phentermine Pills

While black coffee is a low-calorie beverage, additives such as cream, sugar, whipped cream, and syrup makes the caffeinated beverage less than healthy. If you’re a coffee drinker who recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg, there are numerous ways to keep the beverage weight loss-friendly. Review a few healthy ideas here. 

Add Cinnamon

Enjoy the flavor of cinnamon in your morning coffee.

“A very good replacement to liven up your cup of joe is by simply adding cinnamon,” says Dr. Linda Khoshaba NMD, who recommends Ceylon cinnamon over the Cassia version. Ceylon cinnamon lowers cholesterol, blood glucose, and triglyceride levels. If cinnamon isn’t your favorite, opt for cocoa powder. 

“This will add a deep and rich mocha-like flavor, and is loaded with antioxidants and has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease,” says Dr. Khoshaba.

Ditch the Regular Cream

Try a milk alternative instead of cow’s milk or heavy cream to reduce coffee calories. 

“Heavy cream in coffee is a sure-fire way to cause bloating, especially amongst lactose intolerant individuals,” says Dr. Khoshaba.

One alternative is coconut cream that pairs beautifully with cinnamon. 

“If I am in a hurry,” says Laura Gilstrap RD, LD/N, “cinnamon and coconut cream are easy ways to flavor-up my coffee, all while adding healthy fats and decreasing inflammation.”

Consider Peanut Butter

Add a scoop of peanut butter to your coffee to make it even healthier. You’ll also feel fuller on mornings when you don’t have time to eat a full breakfast. Whisk it in black coffee for best results. 

“The peanut butter adds a creamy richness, along with a protein boost and some healthy fats. It’s so yummy!” says nutritionist Malorie Thompson.

For more about fast weight loss with Phentermine pills, please contact DrToHelp.com today. 

About the Author

Dr. James Kojian M.D. has had extensive training in weight loss, hormone replacement treatments, anti-aging medicine, and has many med spas and weight loss clinics in California.

Dr. Kojian went to Medical School at the University of Illinois and trained at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles. He now teaches patients how to eat to lower their hunger, helps them correct deficiencies in their blood tests to boost their metabolism, and shows patients the best exercises to burn fat and tone muscle.

Dr. Kojian has been on T.V. and the news many times in Los Angeles as well in Dubai and the middle east, and is considered a leading expert in weight loss and health.

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