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The Beverly Hills Design Institute is a small private fashion design school.  Their goal is to reveal inner talent, style, and creativity. Attending the Beverly Hills Design Institute is one way to create a future for yourself in the fashion industry.

Many have come to this college for the chance to create the fashion future they have always dreamed of. The school comes with a unique blend of teaching style, beautiful buildings, and a great atmosphere that students can enjoy to the fullest. Here are a few interesting facts you may not have known about the Beverly Hills Design Institute:

Famous Alumni

It might surprise you, but some celebrities have attended this school. Musicians, fashion experts, actors, and theater performers have all called this school theirs for some time. The most famous alumni to ever attend this school includes celebrities such as the following:

  • Nicolas Cage
  • Betty White
  • Carrie Fisher
  • Jamie Lee Curtis

Most Hollywood celebrities know about the school and the area thanks to the film industry and movies showcasing the region. The institution is considered one of the best in the United States and quite possibly in North America. Because the school has a solely dedicated department to performing arts, it attracts filmmakers and actors. In the years since it’s been open many celebrities have come through its doors.

Prime Location

The Beverly Hills Design Institute is located in the epicenter of fashion and entertainment. It is near the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and close to Rodeo Drive. While the school itself has media centers, art galleries, and tours of the buildings and architecture, students can enjoy being right in the thick of what makes Hollywood shine.

As students unlock their creativity and aspire to join the fashion industry, it is beneficial to be surrounded by the trendiest stores and brands that can one day provide an opportunity to make a name for themselves in fashion.

Acceptance Competition Can Be Fierce

If you hope to get accepted into this institute, you have to be prepared to bring your A-game. The acceptance rate may have risen to sixty percent in recent years, but the rate of acceptance was only twenty-five percent in previous years.

In some years, the acceptance rate was less than twenty percent, with only fifteen percent of the students enrolling. The school is competitive and challenges students to do their best to achieve their goals. More than half are full-time students working hard to gain their degrees. The school has a graduation rate in recent years of over sixty percent. From there, over seventy percent were employed less than three years after graduation.

No Campus Housing

There is no housing or dormitories at this college. There are, however, houses and apartments nearby. The housing solutions are eight hundred dollars up to thirteen hundred for a single-bedroom apartment. That is quite common for the area, and many find themselves grateful to find something in this price range. Housing can be expensive, but many feel the price to be justified by living among the rich and famous.

Security Around The Clock

For the safety of the students and its staff, there is twenty-four-hour security. The school insists on everyone being as safe as possible and encourages the students to consider their safety and everyone else’s, no matter where they are or what they are doing.

They consider themselves to be a safe-minded college. The Beverly Hills Design Institute’s ultimate goal is to be considered one of the safest urban colleges in the country.


The school’s student ratio will show you that more females are attending than males by more than half. While males make up almost thirty-five percent of the student body, women make up nearly sixty-five percent.

It is also a school that is known for being diverse. In recent years they have had more than half of their students come from minorities, and almost all of the students come from out of state and from different cultures and backgrounds.

Unique Study Programs

While giving the students an excellent education, they will transform each student into Haute Couture designers. When founded as an institution of learning, they combined European Haute Couture and American Fashion. It is currently the only academy to do this in the United States, and no other school offers an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s in Pattern Design.

In other countries, Fashion Design and Pattern Design are taught separately. The BHDI has adopted the same style and offers a unique teaching style to American fashion. By offering students the best of the best, they turn students who already display talent into highly specialized experts.

Closing remarks…

Anyone will tell you the fashion industry is one of the toughest to break into. However, BHDI graduates are generally well equipped so you shouldn’t be surprised if you see their designs on the hottest runways, in stores, and many other places. The Beverly Hills Design Institute is school that genuinely cares about turning their students into the best that they can be to make their dreams come true.

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