Amanda Haas’s Top Picks for Grilling Out This Memorial Day

Amanda Haas

Six products that will make your life easier at your next barbecue.

With Memorial Day right around the corner, we reached out to our go-to grill master Amanda Haas. Amanda, author of The Vibrant Life: Eat Well, Be Well, shared her top six product picks for when she fires up the grill. Whether you’re having a barbecue or just really craving a hot dog, these items will make your life easier. From the perfect spatula to an instant read meat thermometer, read why Amanda calls these her grilling essentials.

#1 Traeger Pellet Grills Spatula


Show me a better spatula for handling grilled chicken, brisket, or pork shoulder, and I’ll show you a liar. It’s super-durable, flat surface allows you to scoop things off the grill without putting your hands above the heat source. Plus, all of that surface area allows you to keep big cuts of meat — or even your fancy whole roasted cauliflower — in one piece as you transfer your favorite foods to and from the grill.

Buy Here: $49

#2 Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer


If I could recommend one tool for the person who wants to master grilling, it would be this Thermapen MK4 Instant Read Thermometer. Understanding the internal temperature of your meat when you cook is the only accurate way to know when it is done. This thermometer reads the temperature in 2-3 seconds and is accurate within .7 degrees F, making it the most exacting in speed and temperature. It’s waterproof, backlit for use at night, and turns off automatically to save battery use. Even better, it’s just as useful indoors for baking, roasting, sautéing and more.  This is the tool that made me a better griller. And if you’re wondering, I bought the pink one(!)  

Buy Here

#3 Traeger Trucker Hat

traeger hat

My chef friend always says, “You can’t cook good if you don’t look good!” It always makes me smile when I fire up my grill. This trucker hat with the pig logo is my go-t0 when I’m cooking outside and want to stay out of the sun.

Buy Here: $24.95

#4 OXO Good Grips 16” Grilling Tongs

grilling tongs

So many tongs designed specifically for grilling tend to be bulky, slippery when handling food, and made of wood that cracks when being washed. That’s why I turn to my OXO tongs every single time.  These 16” tongs are extra long so you can turn the food at the back of your grill without exposing your hands to the heat, and their non-stick rubber gripper handles stay cool and keep your hands from slipping.  I own all sizes of these and use them for cooking indoors and outdoors on the daily. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe.

Buy Here: $15.95

#5 Bar Mop Towels

bar mop towels

These simple white towels are my version of oven mitts. I fold them over and use them constantly to place and remove food on my grill. The best part? They are perfect for clean up as well. Toss them in the washing machine with some bleach, and they’re good as new.

Buy Here: $13.99

#6 USA Baking ½ Sheet Pan

baking pan

These pans may cost a bit more than their nonstick counterparts, but they are so durable that I use them for everything. Whether I’m roasting veggies on my Traeger Grill or simply using them to carry all of my ingredients to and from my grill, these are one of the most used items in my kitchen.

Buy Here: $20.99

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