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DAY 4830

Jalsa, Mumbai                         May 19,  2021                 Wed 11:59 PM

Birthday Ef – Sanjay Joshi , Pune , .. Thursday, May 20 .. and the prayers for your birthday go up from the Ef for happiness and peace ..

An arduous task .. an abstruse need .. a deed unknown in circumstances prevalent .. an assess, a conferenced concerned astute thought on execution .. and an entire day of execution of its temporary resolution ..

It be the order of the issue when faced in the first prime .. the unknown becoming known and its resolve to rid the menace that threatens the domestic environ ..

Some resolution after thought and strain in place to wait with time to see its effect .. and then to indulge for a continued and permanent solution .. 

Some common sense .. some technical input and some recognised wise experienced gurus of the form .. all in putting the heads and arms together to come to a decision that is now under observation .. hopefully to give respite ..

Hopefully ..

And I do put up a verse from Babuji extracted from my own input writing from the Ef on the T ..

Pain sorrow shall not be your companion for long .. when we have not desired continuous joys we cannot possibly have continuous pain and sorrow , either ..

Excess is delimited in time and life .. nothing that has unending excess shall remain with you when it does not have body to retain .. 

‘tis the truth of life from time immemorial .. 

so give .. give away the excess .. to them that have never experienced excess .. and shall perhaps never will .. when you have not pined for excess joy the excess pain shall never be retained .. 

My love in excess .. ❤️


Amitabh Bachchan

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