How To Prepare Plantain Frittata

Ever  wondered how to make a plantain frittata, search no more, below is the detailed recipe and step by step instructions on how to prepare Plantain frittata.


  1. Ripe Plantain(this depends on the quantity you want, i used 4pcs)
  2. Eggs(5 Eggs)
  3. Fresh tomatoes(2 pcs)
  4. Fresh Pepper. ( 3pcs)
  5. Onion
  6. One cube of seasonings ( me i used half)
  7. Pinch of salt


Fry your ripe Plantain first, preferably slice it in a round form.

Crack the egg and stir, then slice your fresh tomatoes and peppers.

Mix everything together in a bowl and stir it very well.

Put frying pan on your burner add very little oil then pour half of the mixture into the fry pan and keep the other half aside, immediately add the fried plantain into it, try to arrange it with frying spoon let it spread

Then pour the remaining half egg mixture on top of it.

Cover it and Allow it heat for 10mins. use a cover pot and turn it over then fry other side for 10mins as well as cooking then take it off your burner.


Plunge it out with a forked spoon, and place on a food plate of your choice, could be eaten warm or hot, best combined with fresh milk yogurt or apple juice

Viola!! Your frittata is ready!! Enjoy 😋

Frittata Plantain

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