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Welcome back to Spot Light where you get to dive into the minds of our professional spa staff. Today, we’re talking to Diane Lang, one of our natural nails practitioners in Northeast. Diane gives a mean leg massage with her pedicures (she has 18 years of experience!) and as a former dietician, believes you can tell a lot about a person’s lifestyle from the health of their nails. Read on to find out if she’s a good fit for your next treatment!

What’s the foundation of your practice and common thread throughout all your treatments?

It starts with relaxation and perfection. I also believe that feet are a piece of equipment. I’ve run more than 40 marathons and five IRONMAN triathlons myself, and your feet are an important piece of equipment that is necessary for that. So I love to cater to athletes, and I also see a number of male clients. I’ve always viewed my feet as very sacred and like a bike, you have to take really good care of them. I think feet are pretty special—I’ve never come across a foot I don’t like!

How does Spot support your practice?

I learned about Spot from a client of mine, and it was a connection for me right away. Nell has always been so great about her relationship with her practitioners, and we’ve just flourished here [in Northeast]. We come from the same holistic health idea, and background, and that’s a great fit for me. We’re about self-care and all treatments being a part of self-care. We have such alignment about how it’s not just about nails, but it’s about the whole experience.

What treatments are inspiring for you right now?

Dazzle Dry pedicures are inspiring for me for spring + summer. The polish dries in five minutes! I also love working on pregnant women who want to feel good and have some time for self-care, but want the nontoxic polish experience. My chair is a place to relax—we don’t have to talk if you don’t want to! You can just sit back and rest.

Thanks for giving us the inside scoop, Diane! Give us a call or visit us online to book a treatment with Diane (who recently added Sundays to her schedule) today!

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