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This article
is really about two things – not being a slave to material goods and not being
a hoarder. Although we acknowledge that this is not our area of specialty, most
of us here on this blog relate well to the message of minimalism. This article
describes it in more detail so that you can learn from it:

“Do you have things like a bicycle, jetski, or swimming pool that sit unused? Is it that you don’t have time to use them because you have to work so much just to pay for them? Sometimes it seems like all the things we own somehow own us.

The bad news
is that it’s often true. We have to arrange our lives around our things. You
get a new truck that can go anywhere, but you’re too busy working to go there.
Someone is out fishing while you are putting in overtime to pay for your
fishing boat. You use your large-screen television a lot, but does it
sufficiently reduce the debt-stress that came with it?

Break The
Chains! The good news is that there’s a better way. Actually, there are three
better ways. First, know what you really value. Second, use cash instead of
debt. Third, learn how to look at costs and benefits.

Will you
really enjoy that $2,000 mountain bicycle enough? Maybe. This isn’t about right
or wrong desires. It’s a question of truly seeing your own values. Think back
to things you’ve bought but not used, or not used enough. What truly enjoyable
things could you do with that money if you had it now? You’ve got to be self-aware
and honest.

Cash is king. The price may seem the same, but put those things on a credit card and, with interest, you’ll pay a lot more. Cash means you have to save and wait a little for things, but you can buy more and have less stress. Credit cards provide the illusion of a richer life. Escaping debt gives you the reality.


learn to understand costs and benefits. A friend once came to the realization,
using pen and paper, that his jetski cost him $300 for every hour he used it
the first year. Loan interest, gas, insurance, depreciation, repairs, licenses
– these things add up.

And he
thought it was too expensive to pay $100 per day to rent one! Consider the real
costs of things, and look for a cheaper way, or at least make an honest
decision that it’s worth $300 per hour to you. Your things should be making
your life better. If they aren’t, you need to start looking at them
differently. Don’t let your things own you. Change your approach.”

Short but effective, eh? Hopefully you don’t just skim through it and not take anything out of it. What can you let go of today? Also, instead of getting physical products, why not try some digital ones? Here are a few that you can try out:


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