Why Every Company Should Be Looking at Social Media Feedback

It is no longer a secret how much power social media wields in the success of a business. With the increase in popularity and potency of the digital space, every business owner needs to maximize the power of social media.

This is because it helps to achieve one of the most important goals of every business, which is creating awareness and making sales. Social media creates a channel where you can locate your audience, connect with them, sell your product, services, or ideas to them, and constantly engage with them.

The Power of Social Media

According to Statista, “over 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide in 2020, a number projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025”.

This implies that a large percentage of the world’s population is active on social media platforms, and a  larger percentage of a business’s target audience can be reached on social media.

With this wide audience reach, it is only imperative that businesses take advantage of this platform. 

There are also social media tools that enhance the effectiveness of this platform. They help to analyze activity, engagement and give valuable insights.

One great way of maximizing the power of social media is by paying attention to engagements, especially feedback. This has a significant impact on how reliable and trustworthy a business is perceived.

Importance Of Social Media Feedback 

Once social media presence has been established, the next course of action is to build great relationships with existing and prospective customers.

Interaction with customers can affect a business positively or negatively, which is why customer service, both physical and online, is very crucial.

After posting content about products, services, or tips, it is natural for the audience to reach out to ask questions or contribute.

Clients nowadays do not fill out a feedback survey form or write products and service reviews on a business website. They instead leave their reviews in the comment section under the product post on the social media page.

This means that everyone visiting the business page can see it and use it to determine whether to make a purchase or not.

Here are some of the benefits of paying attention to customer feedback:

It Improves Business Ranking

Feedback has a way of influencing how a business is ranked in the digital space. Social media algorithms will ensure that social media accounts with more engagement and positive feedback will increase visibility.

This is achieved by insights gotten from social media analytical tools. The more users talk about your page or connect on your page, the increase in business ranking.

It Builds Trust

68% of users will go directly to read reviews at a business’s social media profile. They check reviews and feedback from past users and how you addressed them to determine if the business is reliable enough.

Getting your audience to trust your product or service enough to make a purchase is a very accomplishment.

It Increases Sales 

Did you know that 77 percent of people read product reviews before making any online purchases?

Feedback has a significant effect on the sale of a product or service. The higher the positive feedback, the more chances people can purchase a product or service.


Feedback helps businesses to understand and meet the needs of their target audience. It is a great tool to know what your target audience truly needs and help to improve products and services.

Feedbacks are not always positive. Every business must know how to respond to negative feedback.

If properly handled, a negative review will not dissuade other customers, they will be confident of getting solutions if any issues arise. Every business must keep track of the feedback on their social media pages and work with them to an advantage. 

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